Fresh-Made Pasta & VPN Pizza

With passionate attention to detail, Chef Giovanni Giosa and his culinary team make all pastas and sauces in-house daily, using only the highest quality, freshest ingredients. What’s more, our pizza makers adhere to the strictest standards set forth by the Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), resulting in the area’s very best, traditional Neopolitan pizza.  Learn More…

Porta Via is the only VPN-certified pizzeria in the state of Tennessee.

Wines, Cocktails & Liqueurs

For the enjoyment of our family and friends, Porta Via now features an extensive selection of craft cocktails, wines, spirits, sherries, and amari; all of which are designed to artfully complement our authentic Italian cuisine. Our liquor program was created by Master Mixologist Milo Rodriguez, former bar operations manager for Chef Gordon Ramsey.

Porta Via features West Nashville’s most sophisticated cocktails.

Leadership Team

Martin Silverman


Mehrdad Alviri


Giovanni Giosa


Paul Bregande